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On the Pacific coast we can find a Paradise located in the North Zone of the Province of Puntarenas, Costa Rica. The National Park Manuel Antonio with an area of ​​more than 136,000 acres, with a small, 136,000-acre Ballena Marine Park, making it one of the most popular and small National Parks in Costa Rica.

In Manuel Antonio you can enjoy a day of complete relaxation, offering incredible natural pools, in turn with four virgin beaches or even enjoy an entertaining and vibrant walk through the tropical green jungle that offers theManuel Antonio National Park: being one of the ideal destinations to visit; offering in turn an undefined species of monkeys that are currently in danger of extinction and offering spectacular panoramic views that make you fall in love with the Manuel Antonio National Park.

In Manuel Antonioits excellence in climate and panoramic beauty makes this an ideal place for tourism, counting not only with visits of national tourists but also international ones. Around it has an infinity of establishments, offering amenities to tourists, ranging from restaurants with typical or international meals, cheap accommodation and for all tastes.

Best tour of Manuel Antonio National Park

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Spectacular Tour by the Lazy Path

One of the best places to have an unforgettable adventure is the Manuel Antonio National Park where you can take a Tour along the Lazy path being the main route within the Park. Throughout the walk in the Tour you will have impressive natural landscapes, with beautiful fauna that is in danger of extinction, in turn visualizing the Pacific Coast.

Strolling through the most beautiful paradisiacal beaches in Costa Rica you will find beaches with white sands that makes you feel relaxed, an ideal place to disconnect from everyday life. Manuel Antonio has wonderful beaches, and with people in charge of carrying out different Tours within the Manuel Antonio ParkNational, providing a better experience for tourists.

Being a park surrounded by lots of water, it has a variety of marine animals offering a Catamaran Tours in Manuel Antoniowhere you can appreciate the migration of whales and dolphins: after having sailed the Pacific Coasts and having enjoyed the entire water reserve of Manuel Antonio park tours , where you will enjoy a variation of species of marine life.

Whitewater Rafting on the Rio Naranjo

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Horseback riding tour in Manuel Antonio Park

We bring you an exceptional experience around the countryside that Manuel Antonio park tour costa ricaoffers making this an unforgettable adventure, where small groups of people are taken to experience unique and fun experiences, touring the different ranches that Manuel Antonio offers. The Manuel Antonio Parktours first, gives you a two-hour tour of horseback through Costa Rica located in an excellent exclusive only for this activity.
One day tours in the Manuel Antonio Parks tourson horseback are made in the Cascada de Tocori passing through the jungle path, giving you the history and culture of the natives, in your tour you can enjoy the different tropical fruits that this area has from Costa Rica..

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Factors that make the Manuel Antonio Park a place to know

We The Manuel Antonio Park toursare unique experiences and full of adrenaline, since it is a place worth visiting because it has countless scenic riches and spectacular places, where you can disconnect from everything that surrounds you. Although many people think that there are no activities to do, Manuel Antonio tour Parkcosta Rica is wrong. It offers countless activities to enjoy from the smallest to the largest.

You can not only enjoy and visit the jungle, but also the four beaches offered by the Manuel Antonio National Park, which are exclusive and relaxing, such as: La Escondida,La Playita, Manuel Antonio Beach and Escapadilla Sur; offering guests the ability to perform a day tour in Manuel Antonio only when surfing, swimming and snorkeling; A curious fact is that two of these wonderful beaches are separated by a small path of white sand.

It should be noted that having a blessed climate, these beaches cannot escape from the destinations to meet in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, mostly businessmen who want to get out of their routine.
A day's excursion by expert guides knowledgeable about the Manuel Antonio Parktours offering the best conditions to national and international tourists; Throughout this tour our guide will not only tell you about the wildlife of Manuel Antonio Park, but also tell the story of the indigenous people who lived there and the countless treasures that hide these areas of the country, making it a walk of cultural enrichment

We invite you to make our through the Manuel Antonio toursPark every day to have a day of relaxation, enjoying the pacific coast that offers us the Manuel Antonio National Park.